How to Book


How to Book and What you Need to Do

All final bookings should be made by phone or e-mail, feel free to make enquiries and ask for quotes by e-mail, telling us what your moving, including furniture and an approximate amount of boxes and bags, as well as what floors/levels your going from and too, we also like to know the size of your property, i.e. a one bedroom flat or a two bedroom house, and if your completing a house sale on the day of your move, this always adds to the time taken to move you. The easiest way is to fill our online Quotation Form. Preferred Payment Method – Online Bank Transfer, Cheque with Guarantee Card or Cash on completion of your move.

Please do not book our services unless you are 100% sure that you will use us, this has happened quite a bit lately, not only are you stopping us from earning a living, you are stopping other people from using us.


We help load and unload the vans, we do not supply or pack boxes, on our arrival all packing should be completed and ready to be loaded onto the vans, Please don’t make those boxes to heavy, a good measure is; if you can’t lift them then nor can we, any furniture should be disassembled by the customer unless arranged with us when booking. Any windows or doors to be removed to gain access for entry should also be arranged when booking. Customers should save parking spaces for vans, usually the size of one and a half cars, any parking fines and fees are the responsibility of the customer


Parking is Very Important

  • Are there any parking restrictions?
  • Will the van be able to get to within 20 metres of your new home? Long carry distances slow down jobs.
  • Do you need to have any areas coned off by the council so that the van can park close to your property?
  • Will the route to your new home pose a problem for the van?
  • If you have a drive, can a heavy van (3.5 tonne) park on it? Overhanging trees can cause problems, Luton vans are 3m high